How to contact your State Legislator?

 1. Good State Legislators want to hear from you.

One of the things that I have learned while working on Senate Bill 16 is that most of our State Legislators want to hear from you on important issues that affect your community. 

Most of our State Legislators are just like us.  They are our neighbors and people who are trying to make the best decisions for our Communities and our State.  There will always be some "bad apples" in any group that have personal or alternative agendas, but that is not everyone.  Our State Legislators also have a lot of different topics that they must understand and vote on.  They need calls from our School District Administrators, School Board Members and Community Members to help them learn more about the true impacts of Education Funding on our Communities so they can make an informed vote when it comes time to decide how Illinois will fund public education.

2. Who do you contact?

3. What do you say when you call?

Senate Bill 16

Below are some ways to start the conversation...

My name is _________, and I am a parent/community member in _________.

  1. I have concerns regarding education funding in Illinois. My main concerns are ______________________.
  2. I am hearing that Illinois is proposing changing how it funds public education and I am calling you to learn more about how it will impact us.
  3. I would appreciate it if you would stay in close contact with my School District (name of district) as proposed education legislature is discussed.