The below chart shows the increase concentrated poverty in the suburbs between 2005 and 2014.   The terms low-income and poverty are often used interchangeable in education funding discussions.  Concentrated poverty in the chart below is based on the actual federal poverty line which for a family of four, their annual household income would be less than $23,500 per year.

The Illinois State Board of Education uses data from the Illinois Department of Human Resources (DHS) to measure the low-income concentration in each School District.  DHS measures low-income at 200% the federal poverty line using data from various social service programs that Illinois participates in.

Approximately 15% of the School Districts in Illinois have a low-income concentration of 70% or greater.  Approximately half of those School Districts are located in south and west suburban Cook County.  The School Districts highlighted in orange below are located in south and west suburban Cook County.  Joliet, Aurora and others also have significantly above average concentrations of low-income students.