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Read Senator Andy Manar's op/ed published in the April 1st edition the Times.
This is Illinois: sushi for lunch in Winnetka and 'Go Fund Me' drives in Streator to pay for physical education. From my op/ed in The Times newspaper in Ottawa, what's happening in Streator is exactly why we need school funding reform in Illinois.

"A teacher in this community took her school district’s story online in the hope of raising $125,000 in donations to — among other things — pay the salary of the physical education teacher whose position was cut to save money.  The district has made a series of difficult cuts to stay afloat while coping with Illinois’ egregious method of funding education. It closed a school, eliminated 34 teaching positions, cut hours and benefits for support staff, and eliminated junior high art and music and elementary school physical education, according to the teacher’s plea." 

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Read Senator Andy Manar's op/ed published in the March 22nd edition of Crain's Chicago Business.
"We live in two states: one where schools are well funded and the economy is working and another where schools aren't and the economy isn't. School funding and the disparities in Illinois have a direct impact on our statewide economy. That's why we need a comprehensive overhaul to correct the least equitable system in America. 
It's no coincidence that some of Illinois' most vibrant communities also are home to of its best public schools. We live in a vast state where public education is deeply reliant on a thriving local economy and robust property tax base.  As a result, students face a real disadvantage in communities where the economy isn't faring as well. After nearly two decades, it's time for state leaders to fix this glaring disparity." 
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