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School Districts that are classified as "Self Sufficient" with SB16

SB16 Analysis

To find additional funding, SB16 redefines what a "self sufficient" School District is and as a result some of the hardest hit School Districts with the proposed changes are Middle Class communities.

Senate Bill 16 (SB16) chart

Comparison of School Districts that will be classified as "Self Sufficient" with SB16

Senate Bill 16 (SB16) chart

Palatine School District is losing more State Aid with SB16 than the top 29 wealthiest School Districts in the State combined.  SB16 has significant "Losers" that need to be looked at closer.

* These reports do not include the $1,000 per student loss cap that was added to SB16 prior to the final vote in the Spring session. click here to see why