great resource with agendas, presentations, webinars and meeting minutes from the funding panel meetings

Evidence Based Model

EBM Overview.xlsx EBM Overview.xlsx
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Type : xlsx
Summary view of the EBM from the ISBE full model

PTELL Considerations

Community Tax Rates.pdf Community Tax Rates.pdf
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A comparison of a community's local effort to full funding.
PTELL Considerations.pdf PTELL Considerations.pdf
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Data related to how the PTELL adjustment is needed for community's that are already providing above average local effort and are still not adequately funded.

FY17 Approved Funding
FY 17 proration.pdf FY 17 proration.pdf
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Type : pdf
Actual amount of FY17 funding and a look at how proration still remains for over half the School Districts.

Files created by EDGE using data from the ISBE website and other publicly available data. 

Average Teacher Salary.pdf Average Teacher Salary.pdf
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Type : pdf
Estimated Normal Pension Costs.pdf Estimated Normal Pension Costs.pdf
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Type : pdf
Three Year Enrollment Trend.pdf Three Year Enrollment Trend.pdf
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Type : pdf

Links to publicly available data and reports that are used in the EDGE Illinois analysis

U.S. Census Data by School District

Census Social Data.xlsx Census Social Data.xlsx
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Type : xlsx
Census Economic Data.xlsx Census Economic Data.xlsx
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Census Housing Data.xlsx Census Housing Data.xlsx
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