Senate Bill 16 (SB16) question and answer


Question: How do I determine if my community is providing adequate local effort to support my School District?

Answer:  The amount of local effort that a community provides is measured by their tax rate. 

About 5% of School Districts in Illinois can generate a large amount of funding for their Schools with a low tax rate.  On the flip side, about 5% of School Districts have low taxes rates are not "self-sufficient".  In some cases, these School Districts have sufficient funding because of additional State and Federal Aid.  In other cases, the School Districts don't have adequate funding.

Below is some information that can be used to determine if your community is providing sufficient local funding.

This is a very good article that explains what local effort is and how you can tell if your community is providing sufficient local effort to adequately fund their Schools.

EDGE Illinois has a page dedicated to School Referendum data on tax rates, spending per student and financial watch lists. 

If a School District is on the State's financial watch list, it means that they may have a financial oversight panel assigned by the State.  If that happens they would lose local control of their finances.  5% of the School Districts in our State are currently on the financial watch list.

School Districts that have a tax rate below the assumed minimum that are not self-sufficient.