Legislators in Springfield will be voting on a proposal to change how Illinois funds public education tomorrow (5/31).

This proposal would direct more State $ to communities with greater need and higher property taxes. 

It would provide an additional 5 million dollars a year in State funding for Argo, Willow Springs, Indian Springs and Summit.   

Step 1: Email your legislators and ask them to vote YES on this proposal:

  • Email Representative Michael Zawelski at mike@mikezalewski.com and ask him to vote YES on Senate Bill #231
  • Email Representative Mary Flowers at maryeflowers@ilga.gov and ask her to vote YES on Senate Bill #231
  • Email Senator Steve Landek at slandek@senatedem.ilga.gov and ask him to vote YES on Senate Bill #231

Step 2: Fill out a quick survey for the Illinois House of Representatives saying that you are a proponent of SB231.     

Note: Select Proponent to show support for the proposal to provide more State $ to fund your schools.