There are "Red Flags" in the 2014 version of the SB16 formula.

The goals of EDGE Illinois are to:

  1. Provide data that can be used to help analyze the impact of Senate Bill 16 on School Districts throughout the State.
  2. Fact Check information that is published about Senate Bill 16
  3. Work with Senate Bill 16 groups to identify additional amendments that can be made to the final bill to improve funding for all Schools.

2014 version of Senate Bill 16 - "Red Flags"

SB16 does not address funding adequacy and it will make it harder to pass legislation to address adequacy in the future.

1.   SB16 results in a "spending bowl" with Middle Class communities having the highest property taxes and least funding per student.

2.   How low income students are counted in the SB16 formula needs to be revisited.

3.   How Available Local Resources are determined will result in unpredictable funding from year to year and further shifts in funding.

4.   SB16 disproportionately redistributes funding from School Districts with the highest concentrations of English Language Learners. 

5.   SB16 increases the % of "flat grant" School Districts from 5% to 25% and reduces the Flat Grant amount to $180 per student.

6.   SB16 does not take into account regional cost differences. 

7.   SB16 does not take into account fiscal responsibility and it does not ensure that funding ends up in the classroom.

8.   SB16 is strongly opposed by Special Needs advocacy groups.

9.   The formula for distributing 700 million dollars a year in State education funding from CPPRT has not been updated in 40 yrs.

10.  SB16 does not ensure that School Districts make a sufficient "local effort" to fund their Schools.

SB16 may be modified to also include a shift in "pension costs" to local Property Taxpayers.